Mac OS troubles

You probably know that I am a Macintosh user. Well, I also run a few GNU/Linux machines, but my personal computers use Mac OS Snow Leopard.
It is a rather good operating system, and yet a few issues cannot be ignored.
The most troublesome is that the system becomes slower and slower when you use it for some months. This is well known to Microsoft Windows users, but looks strange to Linux addicts. My Slackware machine has been running for one year, and it is as fast (or as slow) as it used to be when I installed it. So, what's wrong with Mac OS? I went on the Internet, and people say that every computer gets slow as it grows older. This is a stupid principle, in that it may be true only if you add more and more activities your machine should do.
So I checked my hard disk, my RAM, even the fragmentation rate of my files. But it is a fact that a virtual machine can run Linux faster than the true computer can run Mac OS!

Any guess from experienced Mac users out there?


  1. pialla tutto e mettici ubuntu: supporta pienamente l'hardware di un macbook pro...

  2. Aspettero' l'uscita di Mac OS Lion, poi formattero' e faro' pulizia.


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