Fedora 15 is not that bad...

After so many years, yesterday I decided to try the recent Fedora 15 distribution. When I was a ph.d. student at Sissa, the default operating system on our workstation was Linux Red Hat. It was still free, and I learned to work with rpm's and so on. Later, Red Hat became a professional distribution for enterprises, while the free OS became Fedora. The very first releases were rather unstable, so I abandoned Fedora and turned to Slackware, Archlinux, Debian, etc.

My first feeling towards Fedora 15 was a bit skeptical: I thought it'd be the usual mess, with few packages and a complicated configuration procedure. On the contrary, it turned out to be easy, intuitive and friendly. I tried the integrated firewall (which can be configured in a couple of minutes, and more complicated netfilter rules can be added in the "iptables-save" format), and I could install every package I need with a simple "yum" command.

Well, Fedora won't be my main distribution, and I still prefer Archlinux. But it is a nice GNU/Linux system, and I do not understand why the Ubuntu/apt philosophy has become the standard for PC machines. It seems to me that Fedora's yum is a solid and versatile packaging system.


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