A day without mail?

From time to time, I wonder what a day without (e)mail would look like. Well, for many years this was a frequent condition: I had just a dial-up connection at home, and a day at home used to mean a day without email. During longer vacations I used to check my email every two or three days, although I believe that vacations are vacations.

Three years ago I bought my first Blackberry phone, then an iPhone, and now I get my messages as soon as they arrive. But this permanent connection has pros and cons. In Italy only few people use emails to keep in touch on mobile phones, and SMS are more popular for friendly appointments. Even more subtle than this, when I don't get any message in a whole day, I start asking myself if there is any problem with my accounts.

Ok, it seems I am addicted to email; anyway, I know guys who can't live without their phone, while I do not use it at all for voice calls.

Reverting to the original question, there are days in which I dream I am in the countryside, I switch my iPhone off, and I smile: no message can reach me! I''l reply, sooner or later :-)


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