Mint, Debian, Ubuntu: too lazy

Well, I knew that this moment would have come: after a couple of weeks, I begin to get nervous about Ubuntu, Linux Mint DE, and Debian.

I wanted to build an aggregator for RSS feeds from scratch, and I spent more time in looking for the good "developer" packages than in compiling the sources themselves. In Ubuntu, you usually find two packages of every item: one for the common user, and one for the developers who need headers. In Linux Mint DE, Firefox 4 is not supported by the maintainers, and therefore you have to install it by hand. This is what I would do on Slackware, dear heaven!

If I had a new computer, I'd definitely roll back to ArchLinux, where packages are packages, men are men, and horses are horses! And damned sources are ready to build, if you wish.


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